NAVTEQ gets out there and gets it right

A while back, while reviewing bank branch locations, we thought we found a “trap street”. Well, as it turns out, it is most likely we didn’t.

So how come the same street has different names on Google Maps and on which is powered by Google Maps?

A recent investigation into why Google Maps seemingly “dropped Martin Luther King Way” in Seattle found out that while Google Maps (Yahoo Maps and MapQuest) use NAVTEQ data for mapping – the Google Maps API uses data provided by TeleAtlas.

While the data is in most cases the same, it turns out that sometimes it is not.

Which brings up a more interesting question - why?

According to wired the two companies work in two very different ways to come up with the data for their maps:

Maps have long been created by people driving around and marking their trails, as if working a giant Etch A Sketch. Navteq, the biggest road-map maker, still does it that way. But Tele Atlas, which until recently competed with Chicago-based Navteq the way that Burger King competes with McDonald’s – making much the same things in much the same way – has decided to plot the world by starting with the electronic news alert instead of the steering wheel.

So one company gets out there (NAVTEQ) and one sits in front of the computer (TeleAtlas). The one that “got out there” got the name of the street in Seattle right.

Anyone from Palo Alto cares to drive down to Dinahs Ct. to see what’s the deal down there?

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  1. Julia Rosien : NAVTEQ or TELEATLAS? Says:

    […] NAVTEQ, a U.S. based company, is also powered by satellites. Users who log onto their site can correct small, but annoying idiosyncrasies in real time. Like Dan said in his blog, it’s this constant reality checking that guarantees accuracy. […]

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